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Cory Dora issue


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Hi all,

Our female Cory is looking a little worse for wear. About 2 weeks ago she was really showing as pregnant. The smaller male was swimming all around her very clingy. A day or so later we noticed a small patch of white near her eye. Today, about a week later it’s looking worse. On close inspection it’s as if a small patch of outer skin is missing or damaged. The white doesn’t look like it’s on top of the skin.

All other living things are fine. Our water parameters are what they have always been....  Ammonia=0, kh=2, ph=7.5, gh=4, nitrite=0, nitrate=10 (dosing ferts)

it’s a heavily planted, low tech tank about 6 months old. Feeding once a day, dosing a few ml of TNC liquid carbon per day, 30ml of TNC complete fertiliser a week. We do a 60% water change once a week.

We are in the UK and so cannot buy antibiotics ect off the shelf.


Although it has gotten worse, she is behaving normally at the moment...

please advise.





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