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tiger lotus vs dwarf aquarium lily


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Hi! I have no idea about CO2 - you might want to start another thread. 
I’m not sure about the Lily’s on the coop site, but I’m my experience red tiger lotus is that it is redder with a wider leaf shape. Regular red lily have narrower leaves and a more muddy color. I purchased (not from Coop) several red tiger lotus bulbs. 1 turned out to be green with red spots and is huge. 3 are red tiger lotus but they’re not very vigorous. Maybe I need to add more light. I’ve also added root tabs to try to beef them up. I’ve included a pic of my strongest red. It’s several months old and I believe should be bigger. I don’t use CO2. 
if you want red tiger lotus be sure they give this Latin Name: Nymphaea Zenkeri 

In my town, Ted tiger lotus are twice as expensive as dwarf aquarium lily. Hope this helps! 


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I have had a similar experience, both with getting a green "red" tiger lotus, and with aquarium lily being muddy looking under low light without ferts, but it is a nice color for me under higher lights with some extra iron. 

In my experience the lilies are more vigorous and larger, while the lotus are a little slower and to my eye more beauitful--red or green version. 

Here is a link to a post with pics of dwarf aquarium lily in 2 kinds of tanks:


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Brandy, your lilies are gorgeous! Wow! Is this the regular dwarf bulb? It wasn’t clear in the post. At any rate, that is a plant I would be pleased to have! 
Im growing mine in a deep 90 gallon with Fluval 3.0 lights at 70% intensity for 8 hours (with a siesta in the middle of the day.) Maybe  I need to up some of these values 

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