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Panda corydoras flashing


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Hi all, 

So I only have an unhelpful picture of him after the fact because I couldn’t get a video in time. I’ll give some back story though...

So I got 7 panda corydoras in the middle of December and I did not quarantine them (I know). Long story short they got some kind of fungal infection. At first sight of the infection I treated the display tank they were in with 1 dose of maracyn and ich x, but after a week they weren’t getting better and started dying. I then moved the remaining pandas to a hospital tank (that I had managed to set up in that week’s time). I only treated the hospital tank with stress guard as these pandas didn’t look very bad.
So today I did their water change and I caught one flashing really intensely. The poor guy looked panicked and was frantically rubbing his sides on the (bare) bottom of the hospital tank. There are no visible lesions or redness and no sign of fungus any more. The only thing I haven’t treated them with is Paracleanse for parisites. What could be going on with him? I was really hoping to save my last 4 pandas but I have no clue what I’m doing apparently lol. Would it be worth it to dose the Paracleanse? Should I dose them all again with maracyn and ich x?


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7 minutes ago, Colu said:

What are your water parameters and temp

I didn’t test after the water change but before it was pH 8.0, ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, nitrate 5 ppm temp 74. I’m using a sponge filter that had been sitting in my display tank for 3 months. Since they’re in a bare bottom tank I always use a turkey baster to clean up their food mess daily and do a ~30-40 % water change once weekly. 

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