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Hazy Protein like skim layer on water surface after going to live plants

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I finally got rid of my artificial plants after 20 years and went to live plants in my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium about 3 months ago.  Things appear to be going well, the plants appear healthy as I give them a shot or two of aquarium coops  easy green every week.  I have java ferns and Anubis plants.  I attached the plants to the rocks, etc. with both string and super glue.  The fish appear to love swimming in and through the plants as well.  I have noticed however a layer of what looks like a protein scum or something that is forming on the surface of the water.  Do I need to add a protein skimmer like we use on salt water aquariums?  Is this normal with live planted aquariums?

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I am using a Fluval tank filter system with sponge filters as well as the bio media to handle the biologicals.  I also use an inside tank UV light/pump that I run 6-8 hours daily to keep bacteria under control and help keep the water clear.  These have been in the aquarium for several years with no bio-film forming until I added the live plants.  The "returns" for these pumps discharge the water back into the tank from 3-5 inches below the surface.  Sounds like I might try and relocate the UV light/pump to the end of the aquarium and have the discharge close to the system to create some agitation on the surface for several hours a day.

I appreciate the response.  There is always something to learn.


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