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Easy green, iron and carbon

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Hi @Watts2020

I agree with @James Black that you likely would not need Easy Carbon for the Anubias because they are slow growers.  Easy Iron on the other hand may be helpful.  You will be able to know if you need iron in your tank.  If the new leaves come out light green with dark veins that is called interveinal chlorosis and is an indication that the plants needs either more iron or sometimes if the pH of the tank is above 7.0 then a different type of iron supplement.  Iron has no real effect on red coloration other than how it relates to overall plant health.  Some plant species have an natural red coloration and for other species the red coloration is directly proportional to the light intensity and duration and is caused by anthocyanins.  It is the way a plant protects itself from too much light.  You may have seen how some stem plants put out green leaves near the bottom of the stems but as the stems grow closer to the light source the leaves take on a reddish coloration.....that is the anthocyanins.  Hope this helps! -Roy

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