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Anubias Rot

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Well I found an anubias with its rhizome completely melted. It also smelled pretty awful. I'm really scared about it being the dreaded rot disease

It was planted correctly (wedged in driftwood)

1) Can this spread to other rhizome plants like buce and bolbitis? 

2) can this spread to other aquatic aroids like crypts or buce

3) can this spread from tank to tank

      - I am currently wiping down all shared tools with peroxide, rinsing, and allowing to fully dry. Should I be doing more. Anubias and buce are key elements in many of my tanks so this is really scary. It's been a week and only one anubias has exhibited these symptoms





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5 hours ago, OceanTruth said:

Thank you for the article link. I honestly have never heard of anubias rot before and luckily have yet to experience it. It's good to learn about these things though.

Yes, I feel like this may be a case of that classic "web md" effect.  Had I not read about some of these rarer diseases, I likely wouldn't fear them. After all, anubias melting down could be a number of things (poorly planted, rhizome damage, etc). But now that I know about the disease, fear and paranoia follow lol

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37 minutes ago, Brandy said:

I had it spread between anubias plants, but not between anubias and any other plant.

I'm sorry it happened to you. It is comforting to know it likely won't spread to other genera. Hopefully peroxide, rinsing, and drying will be enough to stop any spread to other tanks, should I actually have it

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