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I have two tanks that are still relatively new, that I am battling algae in. One is a 7 gal cube, with a Twinstar 300, and Rotala, (several species), Alternathera reinickii, Staurogyne repens, Elodea, Japanese pennywort, Cryptocoryne mioya, Anubias nana petite, and various bucephalandra. Fluval stratum and Eco Complete capped with sand, 2 nano sponge filters. I have 6 pygmy cories, 1 pea puffer, 6 nerite snails, some cherry shrimp. 

The second tank is 5 gallons, with an ONF Flat nano, Eco complete substrate, and a similar mix of plants, minus the Elodea. Both tanks have duckweed, Salvinia rotundifolium and Salvinia cucullata. The 5 gallon has Celestial pearl Danios, a horned nerite, and 3 blue dream shrimp.  A Dymax Slim Flo filters the 5 gallon.

Whew! OK, I have programmable dimmers on both tanks that I just installed. I have them newly set to 8 am 30%

9am 50%

10 am 75%

6 pm 50%

7pm 30 %

8 pm dark

This means that during the work week I won't see my critters much, but I'm restricting the light to cut back on algae.  Think this will work? Too restricted? I've seen Irene's video on balancing the tank, and I have several tests coming to check for nutrient imbalance. I use Easy Green and Root tabs in both. 

Thanks for any advice. 



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