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Quick DIY Hack: Noisy AquaClear HOB Filter - Lid Vibrating

Bill Smith

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I have a 10-gallon tank in my bedroom, and in the quiet of the night, I can hear my AquaClear 30's lid vibrating. Removing the lid prevents heat conservation and triggers too much evaporation.

So I stretched a thin rubber band around the back part of the lid's lip:


This suspends the lid a millimeter or two above the filter, yet holds it in place:


No more vibrations!



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1 hour ago, Narkulus said:

My lid is quiet but I wish there were an impeller hack that would eliminate the rattle.

Do you service the impeller and impeller chamber? I occasionally must remove the motor from the filter and clean it out with a bottle brush. I found that I sometimes get snail shells or bits of grit in there. I also clean the impeller blades with a toothbrush.

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On 5/17/2021 at 12:17 PM, Bill Smith said:

Hmm, if it's brand new, I'll bet something got in there with the impeller.

I cleaned impeller assembly, still rattled, so I applied the silicone grease to the metal shaft, but then had trouble with the impeller not wanting to start when I plugged it in. I finally ended up pulling the siphon tube off, bumping the impeller with a toothpick which got it started, then replaced the siphon. the pump primed and the rattle is gone. My guess is the thick grease offered enough resistance that it just couldn't get started, maybe I applied too much. Flow looks great though and the filter is silent. I'll let it run overnight, then unplug and plug back in to be sure it can start by itself. The grease trick works for impeller rattle.

Oh, and the lid started vibrating after all this, so I'll have to find a rubber band.

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more info.
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