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Pruning question for plants!

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I was wondering on how to prune/cut back moneywort and  Sagittaria. I have a tall tank and the money wort has reached the top (maybe two and a half feet). Do I need to cut it down at the base? Or just somewhere in the middle of the stem (only one of the stems actually have roots growing from it)? Also with the Sag do I just mow it down or do I just cut it near the end of the grass arms?


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You can cut it anywhere on the stem. When you make that cut, usually what happens is two new stems grow out of it. This is how you can make plants bushy, if you keep trimming it at a select height, each cut becomes to once it regrows. You can then replant the stems you trimmed in another aquarium or different spot in the tank. Those stems take up to a week to grow new roots.

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