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Stocking question


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Add 1 Neon & you can add a Honey Gourami too. I’d probably reduce the Mystery Snails to 1, max 2.

Know that a Honey Gourami may colour clash with the Ember Tetras and not give you the contrast you may want.


If it was me-

12 Neons

1 Honey Gourami-Male, females aren’t that colourful

3 Amano/Ghost Shrimp

1 Mystery Snail-If you want them to breed, get 2


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I agree with Hardeep. I’d add a few more neons (I’d add 3 more) and the Honey and reduce your mystery snails to 1. 3 adult mystery snails is an insane bioload that you could use elsewhere and make your other inhabitants happier. 

12 embers

8 neons

3 amano

3 ghost (when these die I wouldn’t replace them)

1 honey

1 mystery snail

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