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72 bow front angelfish tank

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Hello, I just wanted to share my 72 bow front angelfish tank. I wanted to have high coverage Koi angelfish in it for along time so I decided to get 6 juv fish, grown them up and breed them and pick from that first pairs spawn for this display tank. Here are the results. It’s kinda a jungle mess right now but I didn’t wanna trim it today. I may add a group of rainbows but I’m not sure just yet.





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@HardeepTheLondoner yes it is but it’s actually rooted and just growing like crazy. The plant on the left Hygrophila Angustifolia. There are some crypts, buce, jungle Val and Anubis. as well as marble queen sword and the plant in the back middle is Rotala Rotundifolia but it’s not very red. All very easy to grow. I use easy green once a week if I remember. 

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ORD, I really appreciate the approach you took with these high coverage angels, they are gorgeous and really pop against the plants. The planting also is excellent it looks like you went in with a plan and with a trim there is a beautiful triangular composition with your plants. 

In terms of rainbows, are those Dwarf Praecox in there now? I think a huge group of Praecox would be great expanding what you have. And if you want to continue the orange theme Parkinsoni or Goyder River (Trifasciata) would be excellent with the orange, silver and black of the GRs complementing your koi angels perhaps the best of those 2 (but the Parkinsoni are stunners when turned on!). I think you could do a big group of Praecox and a larger rainbow about 5-7 and you'd be fully stocked in the mid and upper water. 

There is something about a bowfront, I had the 46 g 15 years ago and really love it. 

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Beautiful angels!

I see you have 8. Where did you get them? How did the seller describe them? Some sellers have several categories of high coverage angels - "red koi," "high color red koi," "super red" "high coverage red," etc.

The pictures that sellers use on their websites always look so perfect, but I suspect they are enhancing the appearance of the fish by using red light to illuminate them.

I am planning to get some high-coverage angels when I can free up some tank space. I want to get 2-4 angels from 3 different sellers so that when they pair up, I will have a chance of getting a pair that are not related to each other.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


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