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White dots on Anubias


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My tank is a 150G, using Fluval 3.0 light.

Water parameters seem to be OK from Tetra Easy Strips (Nitrate 20ppm, Nitrates in safe one, water Soft, no Chlorine, Alkalinity Low, PH Neutral.

I am using Easy Green (overdosed) as switched from fake to all real plants in the last few weeks.

I have ordered some Flourish Potassium as I noticed a few pin holes. 

Any suggestions on what the white dots are and what I can do about them?

Thanks in advance.  




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5 minutes ago, Franco said:

Hardeep, thanks for the reply.  Sorry to be ignorant.  What is RO Water?  I just use water from my faucet with conditioner.  

RO water is Reverse Osmosis water. It gets filtered through 3/4 chambers (usually) to rid the water of any containment’s so it’s 99% H2O-Basically pure water. 

Because this water is so pure, minerals need to be added back in to adjust KH&GH to avoid tank crashes & also provide some minerals for the plants/fish. As Cory said, it’s usually a sign of calcium on the plants.


Don’t worry about sounding ignorant, you’re definitely not. I only knew about it because I started with RO water. It’s usually not required for the average fish keeper 🙂

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