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Hashtag NotSalad - It's Wisteria Trimming Day!


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Nope...not a plate of salad greens!

The wisteria had gone a little crazy in the 20 gallon Long, and I had no idea until I got in there trying to tease the "branches" apart to trim them! There were more "trunks" than branches and I really had quite a bit to cut out of there.

My favorite thing is that as soon as I'd thinned and trimmed them, the green tiger barbs started darting in and out of them. I love it that they do that...it's so fun to watch!


We added a new ACO plant - a dwarf sagitaria there in the background. I've never grown this plant before, so I'm eager to work with it. 

And then I did maintenance on the Marimo moss balls. It was hard work, I tell you!😆 Yeah, I gave 'em a squeeze and plopped them back in there. They'll float for a bit and eventually settle down somewhere.


Interestingly, they've been dropping little tufts of green lately. I took one little piece of fluff out and tried to roll it in my palm, but it wouldn't quite ball up. Instead it came out a little tear-shaped. 


I'm hoping I'll be able to eventually get it to go into a ball shape and "grow" more moss balls that way. @Irene mentioned in one of her videos that they were super-slow growers, so I'm hoping I'll have the patience to see it through.

The other little green tuft you see there was full of snail eggs, so I just left it as it was. Couldn't bring myself to smoosh it between my hands.😜

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49 minutes ago, Fish Folk said:

Kind of liking the green tiger barbs! How are they in your community? Ever had them spawn? 

The barbs are in the tank with 12 male guppies & 1 red-tail botia loach.

They were very young when we got them & they have grown quite a bit in our tanks. They haven't spawned, that I've noticed. I think they are probably just now maturing enough for that. But I haven't done the research on that,  so I don't know for sure.

They are very zippy fish. Always moving quickly around the tank. They chase each other, but not the guppies so far.  We've had 2 guppies lose their tail, but there were no wounds. And the trails grew right back. I think they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time & got bit. 

They are a gorgeous fish, but I wouldn't put them with peaceful, slow- moving fish. 

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