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Fish lethargic after ich


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Hello! This is my first time posting here. I am a new fish owner, have a fully cycled 75 gallon planted tank with 6 banded rainbows and 7 new panda garras.

About a week after bringing home the panda garras (at which point I did not quarantine - bad, I know), my rainbows started showing a few white spots. Since I did not see anymore, I thought it might be stress, but then I started seeing some flashing and white spots on the panda garras too. I immediately started treating with Ich-x following instructions and doing daily 30% water changes. Everyone still acted fine and still eating. The rainbows' spots cleared up rather quickly, but it has taken a full week to see the last of the spots on the panda garras. However, now that the white spots are finally gone, most of the panda garras are now acting very lethargic, just laying on the bottom of the tank, when they hadn't been acting this way before. The rainbow fish continue to act fine. I'm not sure what is going on, as I thought, with ich, they usually start flashing and acting lethargic before the white spots show up, and I'm seeing the exact opposite!

Because I question if there is some secondary infection, and because I'm still seeing the panda garras flashing, I decided to dose the tank with the quarantine trio of meds, per Aquarium Co-Op's instructions (letting sit for a week). I am hoping this will prevent re-infection of ich and take care of anything else that might possibly be going on.

My question is, has anyone else seen this happen, where their fish act fine while they exhibit the white spots, but then once they are gone (visibly, anyways) the fish starting acting very lethargic? Mine are eating, but somewhat reluctantly. I had to soak some pellets in garlic guard to entice them. Otherwise they are just laying there on the bottom of the tank, looking miserable. I also wonder if it's possible that the ich-x didn't agree with them? I hate to remove it through water change just yet, as it seems to be working. And I definitely don't want a reinfection!

I have checked water parameters yesterday, and 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and usual ph of 8.0. I did not test nitrate since, with the daily water changes, I expect it is ridiculously low at this point. Plus I have not used ferts for the plants during ich treatment.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Panda garras are all wild caught it probably parasitic infection I would treat with paracleanse it can take two  or three courses  to get rid of  parasites and add an extra air stone when treating it could be low desolved oxygen  why they are being lethargic

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