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Raised white bumps on bubble eye goldfish


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spacer.png Hi there, I have a 3 inch bubble eye goldfish (Michael Bublé) in a super heavily planted 20 gallon long that has recently presented with raised white bumps on his bubbles, a pair close together and then a single one. The tank has been established for six months now, 75° F, Ammonia nitrite 0pmm, nitrate 5ppm, 8dkh, 8dgh. 

I introduced a dozen amano shrimp to the tank 2 days ago from my LFS and I think I may have cross contaminated the water. I think it might be ich, but in my previous bouts of ich it has presented in the tailfin first and I've never seen ich in the bubbles before. I just noticed the white bumps today so I haven't been able to see if they are multiplying.  



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