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Hello from Ontario!!


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Hi there.  Just a quick note to say hello from Ontario Canada.

I was in the hobby in the 90's with both a planted community and cichlid tank.  Came back to the hobby just about a year ago with a planted nano tank and a 50 gallon planted tank with just Rummy-nose Tetras, an Oto (I see every couple of weeks) and few shrimp.

I cannot get over how much has changed in the hobby and yet it stays the same.  All the best.

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55 minutes ago, Colu said:

Welcome to the forum maybe you can post some pictures of your tanks

My Nano I just ripped apart after an infestation of Ostracod that I couldn't get under control. 

This is my 50 gallon that I am slowly removing the sand from.  It was more of an "island"-style but has been doing much better since starting to fill in the sides with plants.


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