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I have a 55 gallon tank. I have kept basic tropical community fish in my other aquarium but now I have a 55 gallon aquarium. I have some small yellow labs in that Aquarium. My plan is to add some more fish. I was told it would be best to add four of a certain type of fish at a time. 

My question,  is it OK to add that many small fish at a time? The fish that are in the aquarium now are about as small as you can buy them. My plan is to buy some about the same size. 


Another question if I add the four fish how long should I wait before adding another set of fish?

I do have one more question. If I was to add Peacock‘s to the aquarium do they have to be the same types of Peacock’s or could they be different types of peacocks?

I greatly appreciate any help.


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a 55 seems to small for peacocks. I would say to stick with other Mbuna African Cichlids. You may also get away with a bristlenose catfish in there. I would tell you to wait a week after adding one batch of fish before adding another. You could probably get 6 more Mbuna African Cichlids, then wait a week and add more. But it really depends on the size your buying them at,  at the smallest you can get you could probably go with 10 all at once. 

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First, I agree that Peacocks are on the larger size for fish that I would put in a 55. It is not 100% a no go, but would require more frequent water changes etc.

If you do go with peacocks, I would do the same type unless you get all males. Peacocks, and many mbuna for that matter, will crossbreed with fish that are similar. Generally speaking that just leads to an unhappy place.

I also tend to prefer having larger groups of fewer different types of fish. Mbuna tend to be more comfortable in their surroundings if they have lots of friends. Maybe like 5-6 yellow labs and 5-6 Ice blue zebras or something.

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