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5 gallon stocking


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It really depends on what betta you have and there temperment as well as your setup. If you have pleanty of hiding spots for the shrimp (moss, monte carlo, other heavily planted areas) you may get away with it. Some bettas will tear apart any tankmates where as others won't care for other tank mates. I have heard of many success storys when paring bettas and shrimp, all though dont be shocked if you see a shrimp go missing every now and again. Some bettas won't mind the shrimp and won't care. If your betta is an older betta they may not care enough to go after one. It also helps if your betta has long fins (not plakats or females) because this will slow them down. I persanolly am growing a monte carlo carpet in my betta tank and am hoping that I can one day add shrimp to the tank.

Best of luck!

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