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Any Methods on Helping a Molting Crayfish?


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The crayfish is approximately a 4.5” Australian Red Claw crayfish. I got him recently, and he was shipped to me while he was nearing the beginning of molting. This seems to have stressed him out, and he seems to be struggling to molt. 

He never has eaten since getting him (this month the 21st). the 22nd or 23rd, he started being less active, waving his legs around above his head, and laying somewhat lopsided on the ground. 
Fast-forward to the 24th til currently, and he’s been falling onto his side and waving his legs and claws around periodically. Occasionally, he gets up to walk around, and does so very clumsily, while some of his legs remain completely outstretched.
Tonight, I finally got a better glimpse at him (as he’s now doing the behavior in front of me every now and again), and some of his legs are looking twisted up.

I have iodine in the tank that was added a few days ago (maybe two). But I want to know if there’s anything else I can do. Should the molting process be taking this long, and is it normal to not see any progress so far? 
I’ve heard of people intervening, and I’m curious if that would be on the table if no progress is made by the time the molting should be done. Though I wouldn’t want to risk it, if it seemed far too dangerous or stressful compared to just leaving him be (as getting involved usually makes things worse). 

Here’s how he’s been looking, if that will aid in any advice. 



Him when he’s laying on his side (often what he’s been doing:



Him when he was walking a little today: 




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I managed to just take a picture of one of his legs. It’s all twisted, like it’s almost doing a figure 8.  He hasn’t seem to make any progress at all the past few days, and he does this almost all day, periodically taking breaks, making doing a short walk, and then going back to trying to molt. 


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34 minutes ago, Colu said:

Have you tryed adding some wonder shell to your tank molting problem can be caused be lack of  calcium and minerals 

Although I didn’t use wonder shell, I added powdered egg shells to the water. I do that with my main tank as well, though I’ve never had a problem with calcium being low. I also have added iodine a few days ago, as I heard it also can help.

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Well, he still hasn’t made any progress molting. He was trying all through last night again, but he seems to be more tired and had to take a lot of breaks. 

Is a bad molt typically this difficult for them to deal with? I just got him a almost a week ago (the whole time he had been preparing to molt, then trying to molt for the past three days out of that time). 

I know people can occasionally intervene when it comes to drop eye, an overgrown Wen, things like that. Is there potentially a way I could loosen the shell, maybe right where the cephalic groove is (the part between the head and the rest of the carapace), if it still isn’t going well?  


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The behavior decreased on day eight, and he finally ate. He was being very active and like himself again. But, he hasn’t eaten since and has started the behavior again today. 
It started with tail curling, and now he’s back on his side. I’m hoping he makes progress this time. This was him earlier though. 


Only the spot between his tail and carapace is slightly divided still. I’m hoping to see his the crevice show up on his head. Maybe he has enough energy to continue now that he ate. I’m wondering if this is just his very long way to prepare, or if he’s stuck. I just wish this would go by faster. I’m new to having large crayfish, and this species, but from other testimonies of people with more experience than I have, it seems like this is going weirdly slow. 

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