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Siphon tube fix for water changes

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So, every time I try to do a water change, my ember tetras swarm the siphon tube. I'm forever trying to dodge them. Today, I used the coarse sponge pad from Aquarium Co op and stuffed it in the siphon tube. I like it better than a media sock or nylon.  They are too fine.  It worked great! No more water slides 💦 for my little fishies.  


I'm not having fun unless my sleeves are wet.



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56 minutes ago, MDoc said:

I was just battling this issue the other day.  This solution is so simple. I can't believe I haven't thought if this before. 

I sent one of my white clouds to the "black hole" the other day and never even noticed until 2 days later. I siphon into a bucket for that reason. After I'm sure I didn't siphon any fish I use my python to empty the bucket. I'm too old to haul buckets anymore. I forgot to Python the water out of the bucket and said to heck with it, I'll get it later. I let it sit for two days before I found a white cloud in there. Guess it's a good thing they are cold water fish.

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4 minutes ago, OceanTruth said:

I use a python syphon cap I got off of amazon, but fry can still be sucked through it. I agree using a sponge is 100% safe, but how does it do getting detritus out of the tank?

It gets the small stuff. You may have to take it out and clean it if you have too much detritus. I don't do much with my substrate because I have a lot of plants.

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