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Share your throne room aquariums!

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I thought it strage to have an aquarium in the bathroom so I never shared, but after seeing todays video with Dean's throne room setup I feel a bit encouraged that maybe it's not so strange after all! Here is my throne room setup. Overview and view from the seat  (❛ᴗ❛) 



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 I am so jealous of y'all!

I've been telling the husband for years that a fish tank in the bathroom would be a nice thing, something to look at while having a seat.

Sadly he thinks its an absurd concept and that no one actually does this. I need to show him this thread and all the throne room aquariums.

Although I also wonder where I could put a tank in our bathroom.  The shower is directly across from the toilet, and directly to the left is a wall with a window, and to the right is a set of enclosed shelves for towels. Not sure that I have any place in my bathroom that is in a direct line of sight from the toilet that could fit an aquarium.

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