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Too Many Guppies!


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If a fish would eat adult guppies, I wouldn't exactly consider it "peaceful." I guess it depends on your definition. 

I breed guppies and take the offspring to my LFS for store credit. Culls go in my outdoor pond. I dont have a ton of space, but someday when I do, I plan to get a big boi like a bichir or oscar to eat the culls or unwanted guppies. So that would be my recommendation- a separate tank with a bigger fish. As far as recommendations within the tank... I dont have a ton of experience but angelfish sounds like a possibility, as mentioned above. 

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I love me some south american cihlids! Fish like Angelfish, Apistogramma, etc. Would make GREAT fry eaters. The angelfish also have AWESOME Personalities. Angelfish have eatin all my cardinal tetras, so I think guppy fry will be no problem for them. All of these fish suggested will make great center peice fish. I would make sure that the South American Cichlids can do well at 76-78F (which is why I didn't suggest rams)

Here are some care guides:

Angelfish Care:

Apistogramma Care:



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