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All my plants except the anubia have come from the co-op and have done better than I could have hoped. 60g tall Tank has been up nearly a year and everything is thriving except the flame sword. I mean it’s not dead but not really growing. Tank at planting and tank now, as well as light cycle on my AquaSky 2.0 are in the images. I put a couple root tabs around it very 2 months and dose easy green sometimes. Other plants probably need a little more easy green from the looks of things. 

why is my sword not growing when everything else is? Thanks








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1 minute ago, Cory said:

I’d say amp up the root tabs. Give it like 6 a month. Plenty of light but not a lot of nutrients going to the roots currently. 

Thanks so much. I’ll ramp up the tabs. Also know this may be a trick question as it is about balance but I’m battling GSA. Is the light too much and causing that?

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The light plays a part. Algae thrives when nutrients aren’t in balanced. The more light you have the harder it is to balance. So sometimes reducing light solves the problem. Also more fertilizer can solve the problem. 

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