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Cherry Shrimp babies discovered

Fish Folk

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19 hours ago, Fish Folk said:

Well . . . we're not properly speaking "shrimp folk" . . . but we counted 6x baby cherry shrimp in a desktop 5.5 gal. So . . . YAY!!!


In a few months you'll look back in amazement at your excitement over 6 baby shrimp, when there are more babies than you can even count.

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2 minutes ago, KBOzzie59 said:

If you counted 5 there are p[probably 30 more hiding.  Congrats on the shrimplets!

Found a few more today. I think we stuck in 14 adults to start off this tank. Now I'm seeing 21 total Probably there's more! With my blue neocaridina would take off like this.

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