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Will scarlet badis eat hydra?


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I know badis are a micro predator. I have snails and shrimp in my tank so I don’t want to use chemicals to get rid of the hydra. And I’ve always wanted to get badis for this tank. So my question is will they eat the hydra? I know they will pick off shrimplets as well and I’m okay with that. Keeps the population manageable. Thank you all. 

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43 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

I do not know the answer, but if they pick off shrimplets, I bet they eat whatever they can.

Regardless, I would definitely use that as an excuse to get Badis.

Hahaha 🤣 thanks for feeding the addiction. It’s worth a shot I only see the hydra in 2 spots right now so I’m going to try and syphon them off the 2 areas and see how it goes and get a couple badis for good measure. I have for sure 2 pond snails in there also that I know will eat hydra just don’t want the stuff pestering the shrimp

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