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UV Sterilizer to slow Camallanus?

Mario V.

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Hey everyone,

So I recently had Camallanus redworm nearly wipe out my tank. All of the fish are now in QT and being treated with expel-P. I have done some research on Camallanus life cycle and it seems that it needs a intermediate host (Cyclops, copepods, etc) to infect fish. I have been trying to find info about the viability of using UV sterilizers to either directly kill Camallanus larvae ,which are free swimming until they infect the intermediate host, or kill any intermediate hosts that my be living in the tank. This would defiantly not do any good for my fish that are already infected but I am trying to prevent another outbreak after treating my sick fish. If anyone has found any info that might help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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So sorry to hear s your aquarium sickness. For treatment, I’ve heard that Levamisole is good if you can get it where you’re at. Greg Sage at Select Aquatics has sold it in the past: 



This thread from another forum may be something you’ve already read through, but if not, it may be helpful: http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/fish-planted-aquarium/39047-camallanus-worm-levamisol-diary.html#/topics/39047?page=2


But to your question about UV Sterilization... that’s an interesting theory. How large the larvae are compared to protozoa may be determinative. It may be that UV would nick a portion, but for complete control, you may need a reset. 

How do you think they got in there in the first place? New fish? New food, New plants? New Hardscape? Contact with an infected tank?

Diagnosing the source seems important... if possible. 

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