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20 high startup


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So I’m setting back up my 20 high, (it’s been in my attic for over a year).   My girlfriend really REALLY wants me to do a pea puffer tank.  I plan on planting really heavy with stone vertical hardscape as well.  

I have several questions; 

1. Is a sponge filter sufficient flow? 
2. Would 3-4 pea puffers be too many in this setup? 
3. any tank mates whatsoever? 

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Cory recommend one pea puffer in a 5gallon and one more pea puffer for every additional 3 gallons, meaning that you can do 6ish pea puffers in a 20high. I have a spongefilter in a 40 breeder with no issues, so one in a 20 shouldn't be a problem. But I guess it depends of the size of the spongefilter.

Heres a thread for pea puffer tank mates:

and here are some videos for pea puffer tank mates:

 But to be honest, best tank mate for them is no tank mate.

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