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Any suggestions on what to feed mollies in my 125g. Two fx4s with no sponges on intakes and I dont really want to put them on there. I'm afraid that too much flake food will be sucked into the canisters unless I turn them off during feeding and even then it could be the same. What's a good pellet for mollies or do you not think this will be an issue if I'm turning the filters off during feeding?  Thoughts??

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I am a huge fan of the new life spectrum tropical fish pellets My fish go CRAZY for them. I did a thread where I compared the Xtreme Red Krill Flakes and the new lif spectrum tropical fish pellets:

 I have never tried new life spectrum with mollies but I would imagine that they would enjoy the pellets. The pellets are fairly small. My fish treat the pellets like they have never had food before. I used to feed the tetra flakes, but the newlife spectrum pellets had more protein, and they enjoyed them more. But there are some advanatges with flakes, like in my opinion its just easier to feed.

Heres a link to the newlife spectrum pellets:


Here are some videos of people reviewing the newlife spectrum pellets: 

In the video they dont use the exact same pellet I use, but they are all very simmillar. 

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