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Mystery Snail - Normal Behavior or Tubifex Worm Food Issue?


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Almost anytime I see a snail (Nerite or Mystery) not moving they are hunkered down in their shell.  The only time I've seen them not in their shell and sticking out a bit while "resting" is when they were dying as I've lost one Mystery Snail previously.  So below I want to describe my experience last night to understand if this is normal or possibly an issue with the food I gave last night.

I recently bought Hikari Tubifex Worms from the Coop and placed a cube of the dried worms in the tank last night hoping it would be a good snack for the Panda Cory's.  Before heading to bed I saw one of my blue mystery snails on the cube with some shrimp.  This morning the snail was a few inches from where the cube was last night but instead of being enclosed in his shell, like snails usually do when they aren't mobile, he was on his side with his body sticking out (picture attached).  He was like this for a few hours so I gave him a nudge with some aquarium tweezers and he retreated a bit but not fully into his shell.  Is there anything I should know about Tubifex Worms and Mystery Snails or is this normal behavior?

You will notice in the image his shell is cracked, the snail came like that from the online seller.  In total I have three Mystery Snails who have been in the tank for over a month with no issues and I have one Nerite snail who has been in the tank over a year.  The only new item introduced into the tank is the cube of worms.

Where are my tank details?  This question is strictly about Mystery Snails and Tubifex Worms and if it's not related to Tubifex Worms then I will do additional research on that outside of this thread.  Thanks for any insight!


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I just checked on him and he seems to be right-side-up now, but he looks a bit rough. I did a digital zoom on my phone so not the best quality but you should be able to see him.  Maybe he'll start moving around fine, he could have just been full on worms 🙂 Still looking for any thoughts and will update as I observe the snail.


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