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Aquarium Stand for 40 gallon tank that can also fit a sump?


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Background: I am starting a freshwater aquarium and decided on using a 40 gallon breeder tank.  I had a hard time searching for the right aquarium stand and eventually decided to purchase the Aquatic Fundamentals 50/65 gallon stand, which has the same dimensions of that fits the 40 gallon breeder perfectly, and am just waiting for it to be delivered.


However, I did more research after ordering the stand, and realized that I was really drawn to the idea of using a sump as well.  I was thinking it would be good to use a 20 gallon tank for the sump, but then realized that the tank would not fit through the door of the stand.  The stand is 38 inches across, but the door is only 12 inches in the middle, with the boards on either side of the door immovable.  There is some space in the back, but it's not big enough to fit in the aquarium either.


So I'm left with 2 options:


1.  Build the stand with the 20 gallon tank already inside, so I don't need to worry about fitting it in.  I am contemplating this option but the 12 in opening would probably make it difficult to work with the sump inside, thought this is just theoretical as I don't have an experience with working with a sump yet and don't know how hard it would be with a narrow opening.


2.  Get a different stand before I set up the aquarium.  I don't have tools to do any DIY projects, so I'm hoping that there is a stand out there that works with a sump without me making it myself.  I have not had much luck looking online, perhaps I'm not looking at the right place?

I'd love to hear any suggestions/recommendations or if anyone has any experiences similar to my own, and how you were able to resolve the issue?



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You may be able to get away with a 10gallon sump I beleive the dimension are 20x10x12 (LxWxH). you could fit the tank in their because the width is only 10 inches. John from KG Tropicals made a similla mistake with his sump and also had to downsize the orginal planning of the sump. Heres the video of him making the sump, incase you wanted to see:


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That's a pretty good idea, I will look into using a 10 gallon instead of 20 gallon for the sump.  Thanks!  I guess technically that means I could set up 2 separate sumps as well using the smaller tanks, sounds like it could work, just that there's not going to be a lot of space in each.

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As I looked around some more, running 2 sumps seem possible, and it might even be an option to connect the two tanks with 2 connections (to allow for flow in the case one clogs.  This would require drilling into the tank so I need to research it a bit more, but that seems like a potential solution as well, to get me the volume I ultimately want for the 40 gallon.

The downsides I can think of are:

- Drilling a hold in the tank always comes with risks

- Added potential for leaks between the tanks


- Added volume

- Can actually fit under my tank inside the stand


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