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Quarantine With Salt


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How many of you quarantine with only salt? 

How much salt do you use in your quarantine?


I’ve considered only quarantining with salt and maybe Paracleanse. I would prefer not to run Maracyn or Ich-X if salt is likely to knock out unknowns. I think I’ve heard Cory say he would Salt everything....?

I bought some new female Gold Dust Mollies (and a Charcoal colored one) to offset my male population, and a couple of them look thin. I’ve also noticed what may be some white poop in the tank (I got them Saturday). I want to watch them before I treat with the Paracleanse to make sure, but I would really prefer to just salt them if they aren’t having parasite problems. 






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Honestly I don't quarintine with any meds. I qt them for 4-6 weeks, and if they looks and are acting healthy I will add them to the display. I will only medicate when needed. They do look a bit thing, so paraclense could be the way to go. But salt WILL work too with the ratio of 3tsp a gallon of salt. Your going to wanna make sure there is no live plants in the tank as salt will kill the plants. SuperTech 100% fish health remedy will do what the salt does but a better job in my experiance. It will cure external parasites and bacterial infections, and I beleive it could cure internal parasites. This 100% natural is completley snail, shrimp and plant safe.

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I watched the new Mollies for a couple of days. Everyone is eating and I kept finding white and stringy poop. So I did a water change yesterday and dosed Paracleanse

This morning everyone looks ok, but a couple are shimmying. They are the thinnest two (with the most beautiful color!), and the two I suspect to have been the most infected. I’ll fast them a couple of days and then do a light feeding before the second dose of Paracleanse. I’ll wait two weeks before dosing the treatment a second time. 

I had wanted to try salt only because I have a family favorite female who had been in QT because the males in the display wouldn’t leave her alone. I didn’t really have a choice because she was being terrorized in the display tank. At this point she has likely been exposed to the parasite as well, so she gets to go through a cleanse as well. 

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