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Is it Safe?


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I started with the idea of having an indoor water garden. A one and a half gallon glass jar ran for a week. Then, I wanted more...

I dumped everything: the rock, the gravel, what plants I could salvage, and the water into a fifteen gallon tank. 

After a week, I started adding fish. Over the next week, the stocking built up to thirteen ember tetras, three otocinclus, and eleven shrimp. 

As near as I can read the results of the API Master Test Kit, the ammonia and nitrite levels went from undetectable, to detectable (estimated at 0.1 - 0.2 ppm) for both, and now back to undetectable. 

The total time passed, since starting up the jar garden, is one full month.

Would it now be safe to add in seven celestial pearl danios?



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Wow, that tank looks great! 
I would think your safe to add some new fish with the disclaimer that I only know what I see and read about your system. Which seems terrific.

With the nitrite reading going up and then down that’s usually the hallmark signs of a good biological filtration. In addition the plants will happily accept any bump in bio load. 

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