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Parasite in my Green Spotted Puffer


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Hi everyone,  Please help. My name is Tony nice to meet everyone. 

So I got Rover our green spotted puffer fish about 6 months ago. Everything has went well he is in a community tank with our other green spotted puffer spot along with a couple Molly fish and gobies. A while back I had noticed on top of Rover's head that he had a lump. I kept watching the lump and had noticed that the lump seemed to get a little larger. I reached out and talked to some people and due to its location and it not moving or doing anything else but slightly growing basically the conclusion was it was a tumor and he would just live with it. So unfortunately all of a sudden this what we will refer to as the parasite, was on the side of his body. Rapidly within a couple days it hadn't moved to his underbelly. Amongst my panic I've been searching for answers for our little Rover. About four or five days ago this parasite split. Now he has a lump on his stomach and he has a lump on the side. I came to conclusion that it was a worm because I literally saw it trying to burrow out of his stomach few days ago. Unfortunately it went back up in. Last night I treated my tank with levamisole hydrochloride 2 mg per liter or for all intense purposes 9 mg per gallon. I blacked the tank out and checked on them this morning. It had no effect for my poor green spotted puffer. I see the lumps are still present. I am out of answers and searching for them if anybody has any suggestions or ideas or ways to handle this please let me know. I can add some photos but it is very hard to see in a picture. basically impossible. Thank s. Ok little update. I examined him and I see the lump still on his side however it looks like the spot is darker now almost looks dark. I was able to snap some pics.
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It is very difficult to see because of his colors. My water parameters are almost perfect.

0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate, 8.2 ph, 110ish Total Alkalinity. Brackish Water slowly rising it. currently 1.015 salinity. I did the general cure already that had zero affect. I have not tried prazipro yet. 



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