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Hello, newbie here!


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Hello! I am an all around newbie here and to the world of aquarium keeping. I’ve had one tank in the past (roughly 10 years ago) where I kept platys, African dwarf frogs, and ghost shrimp (or maybe cherry? I can’t remember). However, I’m pretty sure someone came along and hit the delete button in my brain for any information I had previously known on how to set up and care for a tank.


anyway, my reason for seeking this forum space out is I recently came into procession of 2 fish tanks. One 40 gallon and one 10 gallon. They appear to have all the equipment as well but I don’t really know what I’m all looking for. I’m hoping to use this forum to learn how to properly set these tanks up, ideas on ways to stock them, and to grow my knowledge on how to best care for the inhabitants and their home. 

hope everyone is having a happy Monday 😀

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Welcome to the forum! Don't be afraid to ask questions and happy Monday to you too!

Even if you hadn't forgotten all the aquarium stuff you used to know, it's always a good idea to keep up on new info. I took a 10+ year break from aquariums, and when I came back, a lot of ideas had evolved; like the prevalence of planted tanks!

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