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My shrimp can get in and out of the fliter


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I have a 5gal tank and it has a false back. the filter pump is back there. there is a filter sponge that could be tighter on this shelf with the holes. i could have put a another piece there to make the sponge up next the hole but i didn't want it to get clog. the pump is on very low like 2 of 10. my shrimp can get in and out of the back part of the tank. I got emerald jades but one looks really blue and its the biggest. i saw this blue one go in and later come out of the back where the filter is. is this an issue or it is it a just another element of their tank.  there is java moss, hairgrass and micro sword. i had just the plants in the tank for 20days and cycled it. algae started to grow after a week. the shrimp are eating it. they hide alot and sometimes i will see like three of them at most eating or see them in cave with flashlight. 






nano tank 1.12.2021.jpg

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As mentioned, shrimp are great at getting in places. And really it’s not bad having some in the filter side anyway, they’re eating buildup off the media. 
I have a tank with the built in sump, once my shrimp started reproducing they spread throughout the whole tank. And there seemed to be a bunch that just lived and bred in the filter side as well. They don’t seem to cause problems in the filter section, just not in the display area for viewing. And eventually you should have plenty for viewing anyway since they breed easily. 

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oh cool i'm excited. thanks for your input. hey if they breed and there are a bunch would it be cool to put like one simeese algae eater or like one gorani or betta in the tank. or would you leave it as it is , if it works and sell them? 

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