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Hello everyone, 

New member and newbie from New South Wales, Australia.
Started this addiction in late October 2020 when I saw a Youtube video of MD Fish Tanks aquascaping his tanks and was immediately obsessed.

After watching more videos and researching I was truly naive enough to think I'll be the next Aquascape sensation......turns out it's harder then it looks 😀

However, my first tank I bought was the Aqua One Horizon 65 which was a starter kit and my local Pet Quarter store has been sensational with advice and also mentioned the Aquarium co-op YouTube channel and forum.

In truth, I'm really into the whole water parameters and plants at the moment but trying to go slow with everything.

I've been fighting a small BBA problem at the moment, and I think some plants are lacking certain nutrients so additional research is required.

I'm sure I'll gain some knowledge here and hopefully, one day ill be able to give some advice based on my experiences too.

Current tank setup  - 

65 Litre Aqua One tank, basic lighting, Tidal 35 Filter, basic heater, Air pump with an air stone.

Fish -

15 Neon Tetras, 5 Glowlight Tetras, 3 Bristlenose Catfish, 1 female Bolivian Ram (Queen Elizabeth) and 1 Male Bolivian Ram (King Bernie)

Also, I was recently given a small tank from a mate so it's planted lightly with a Half Moon Betta (Max)

Thank you all and look forward to enjoying this forum.








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Hi Frosty, welcome! I suggest you check out @Irene 's (Girl Talks Fish) YouTube video on algae control and plant nutrients. Lots of great info and it does take time to reach that balance with plants, algae and nutrients (still working on that myself!)  Good luck!

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