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Severe fin rot - aquarium salt dosage??


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To state for the record, this is about a platy (or possibly swordtail) that actually belongs to one of my good friends, and who, although has many many more years than I do of experience in fishkeeping, has been like the luckiest hobbyist I know, for the fact that she has really not ever had to deal with any sort of illnesses in her tanks! 


Tank size- 30g
Cycled approx 5 weeks (used filter media, plants and substrate from long established 55g tank)
Temp- 75-77°F
pH- 8
Ammonia- 0
Nitrite- 0
Nitrate- 20-40
Also using crushed coral as kh/buffer
And there are only 2 other fish (both are swordtails) in the tank with the one I'm posting about (so 3 fish total)

I have on hand (and am giving her) Maracyn 2 for the medication aspect of treatment - however, of the 3 levels of aquarium salt treatment, I am unsure as to which to recommend??
The platys/swordtails tail, over the course of 2 weeks, is now gone. Dorsal fin seems to be now also deteriorating, from what I could see in the video she sent me.
Pics aren't the greatest - apologies - the last 3 are screenshots taken from the video.
Thanks in advance!




Screenshot_20210124-200515_Video Player-picsay.jpg

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According to some googling, Fin Rot is can be caused by low temps, poor water quality, overfeeding, and/or feeding poor quality foods.  Overstocking can be an issues too. 

The parameters you posted all seem great, but I would definitely change some water on a regular, removing any waste in the process, while treating with salt and meds.  keep the feeding low and maybe check the quality of your foods.

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