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Please help me ..my flowerhorn is sick 😭


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I just got a new aquarium on Dec 24 th..I got a golden base flowerhorn. She had multiple disease and I wasn't really aware of it as it is my first aquarium. Initially she got white spots all over after treating it , she got hexamita..she got holes on head ..I treated that as well and finally since Jan 14th she started eating pallets...but she has been really dull ...she just swim still at one place..when I go near tank she starts moving and responding to me ...also now she has pop eye ...and also today in tank I noticed something like thread...I am sending you picture of it... please let me know what it is and how to heal her....thank you in advance






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No Unfortunately I didn't...this was a gift and is my first fish tank...I was counting on the dealer ...he didn't mention or provided any dos and don'ts ...I am being stupid went by his words and didn't do enough research..now I am feeling terrible..

Initially I had top filter but I believe it was stressing her more out ...she would fade ....today I installed Eheim 250 cannister filter....and also a sponge filter connected to aerater ...since installation he has become way more vibrant as compared to past days....that's him in initial days



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I'm not sure what could be on the glass. But aquarium salt should cure the popeye. I would do 2tsp a gallon. I'm assuming that because its a flowerhorn you don't have any other fish in the tank, right? What are your water parameters?

Salt has helped me when I dealed with pop at the ratio of 2tsp a gallon it wasn't till about a week until it was gone. Your going to want to make sure the tank is clean (every other day waterchange) and put salt in every day (2tsp a gallon)

Make sure you get aquarium salt or epsom salt, not marine salt.

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Thank You for responding and helping me ..he is alone in the tank ..I hv been doing water change and using API salt ..do I need to use any other medicines along with salt ? Also what's that thread like thing in the tank (please check the pic I  hv posted)...

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If you're new to all this, It can be overwhelming.   
First off, your tank probably isn't cycled properly and toxic stuff is building in the water,  Ammonia and Nitrites.  Getting a test kit that can test for these will help you diagnose any issues, they sell master kits that have all the basic tests needed. 
The best thing to do would be change water frequently,  like daily or every other day till you can see there are no ammonia or nitrites showing on the test, or at least a month if you can't get a test kit.   If you have public water, you most likely have chlorine or chloromine in your tap water,  you can add water conditioners to neutralize that immediately, or let the water sit out for a few hours before adding it to the tank.

You can add salt to the tank as that should help with everything.   I would just keep the water clean, stay up on water changes until your are sure the tank is cycled.   And keep the tank heated.  If you do add salt, make sure you add salt to the water you change too.

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