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Worst weekend ever....

Melissa Ann

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2565A6B7-6B23-4DAB-BA05-23AC9B5A72DA.jpeg.c8826823d7420409223c06b10905bf0c.jpegSo I woke up to a dead Dwarf Gourami today.  Perfectly fine and healthy yesterday and for months.  Unless someone can spot something here.  Rasboras and Pygmy corys are fine. Water parameters good.  No ammonia, no high nitrate or nitrate count.  Ph 7.2.   I’m literally stumped as to what happened here.  And terribly sad.  It was such a beautiful happy fish. 

Now off to treat my ichy German Ram tank from out of the blue yesterday morning.  Ugh.   😔

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When something like this happens to me, I try to take a second look at the whole situation.   
Is the heater working properly? 
Does the temperature dip down too low at night? 
The other issue Oxygen in the water,  you say you have some plants in the tank and at night they can be sucking up the oxygen from the tank, do you have an airstone in the tank? 
Also,  pH can swing at night when the lights go off as well. 

It might not have been any of this, but it's some 'not so' obvious stuff to check into.

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