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Ramshorn snail success story?


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My relatively new crypt lutea 4 weeks in the tank  was pitch black , I thought it was melting.

I sent a picture of it to the local store in NY where I bought it and they told me that this is not a melting plant but it is covered with algae and will die if not solved. They suggested to try to rub the algae off first with my fingers ... I tried but the algae did not move .

Yesterday I added 3 ramshorn snails to the tank and already most of the crypt is green again !!!! What I though was a dead leaf was super green on the inside.

I hope it's not a beginner mistake and my tank won't turn into a snail breeding tank but so far these snails are doing such a good job, moving constantly and already after one night cleaned so much algae and I love thier look.


This picture the snail that cleaned the algae now eating a dead leaf 


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25 minutes ago, Ohad said:

How quickly do they multiply for you? 

I live in a NYC size apartments and only have this tank so I hope I can keep them under control. So far thou I am loving them !!

It depends on how much food you put in the tank. But just munching on algae and other tank yummies, they will multiply beyond 3 fairly quickly. They come and go in spurts, their numbers growing and shrinking with the food availability. Honestly, I've never found their numbers to ever be a problem, and I see them as a fun little addition to the ecosystem. 

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