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the evolvement of my 6g fluval edge


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my fluval edge journal

i bought a used fluval edge that had a cracked top, it sat in storage for close to a year before i had a hurst of boredom/inspiration and decided to scape it at 2am one night when i couldn’t sleep. i could only use the hardscape materials and plants i already had on hand.

i snapped these photos an hour or so after setting it up:


the next morning:



i had it sitting on my nightstand for 5ish months before i got bored and decided to redo it. i wanted something super low maintenance and this tank was just more work than i wanted to deal with in terms of keeping it looking pristine.

 i ordered 3 pieces of malasyian driftwood (at random) online and the 3 pieces that came in fit perfectly in the tank so naturally, i did another late night scape

test fitting the wood:


scape and first full up:


after a few days:


i added some emersed plants, i bought it as creeping jenny but it looks more like pennywort now that its grown in. you can see the little amount i started with next to the wood piece on the left:


a couple weeks later and the pennywort is starting to flourish:



another couple weeks later, the riccia has attached itself to the wood and is growing like a moss now:


the fish are growing, i put them in as tiny juvies initially:


a month later and the pennywort has taken off.  i am doing bare minimum ferts (easy green once every couple weeks):


taken a couple days later:



the original shrimp from the first scape are still in here:


and finally, the current state of the tank:



its very overgrown and looks more like a pond but i personally love it. it feels like a little slice of nature right on my nightstand and it is so low maintenance i barely do anything.

if you’re interested in the specs it is:

•fluval edge 6g without the top

•no heater

• nano sponge filter for water movement

• ferts every few weeks when i remember

• water change every 1-2 months and top offs with either distilled or water from my goldfish tank weekly/bi-weekly depending on need

• stocking: galaxy ricefish, pumpkin shrimp, cpo, lots of snails

•fluval stratum mixed with fluorite as the substrate


id love to hear your thoughts and suggestions !


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@yannachka, that is an absolutely amazing tank. I love it!

Your Fluval Plant Nano power cord will actually fit through the mount, which looks very clean. You can even fit airline tubing at the same time, if necessary.

I keep scrolling back to look at the photos.

Much respect!

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Oh my goodness...goals!  I love the drama!!  You've got the thrillers (the driftwood and the grass behind) and the spillers (the pennywort)!  I wish I could do a tank without a lid!

And, the progress photos are so fun to look at - thank you for sharing! 🙌

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18 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

@yannachka, that is an absolutely amazing tank. I love it!

Your Fluval Plant Nano power cord will actually fit through the mount, which looks very clean. You can even fit airline tubing at the same time, if necessary.

I keep scrolling back to look at the photos.

Much respect!

thank you! i do have the light cord wrapped and taped (electrical tape) to the handle, the cord goes behind the aloe planter so it is hidden


the sponge filter and air pump are hidden behind the driftwood on the right side of the tank so neither are visible either. i do need to tuck the airline hose in so it isnt sticking out though so good call. 


i appreciate the compliment, thank you!

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1 minute ago, Streetwise said:

Easier to show than describe:



i see what you mean now, i might do that, thanks! it definitely looks neater than wrapped around. im thinking if doing a trimming cause the undergrowth is dying off from being choked out now so i’ll do it then. thanks again. 

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1 hour ago, k8nabel said:

This is so so cool! How did you get the top that was cracked off? I have a 12g edge that has a cracked top and I'm inspired by your project to try something similar! 

i used my heart gun to loosen the silicone (you can use a hair dryer) and a new razor blade to cut through it. just take your time and it should be relatively easy

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