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Betta Temperature


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Have my 10 gallon Betta tank up and running my male half moon Betta is doing great we also have added 5 cherry shrimp and 2 zebra snails everyone seems to be getting along the betta has checked out the shrimp but left them alone.

My temp for the Tank is 80 I’ve heard the shrimp aren’t to key for the higher temperatures we also have 4 live plants in the tank.

Open for suggestions and ideas biggest concern is my Betta is happy and he seems to be likes to swim the whole tank top to bottom 

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I haven't had any issues keeping amano shrimp at 82... but amanos aren't cherries. 80 I think is fine for bettas, I wouldn't worry too much keeping them anywhere between 75-82

I'd say leave things be for now, especially if the betta isn't eating the shrimp. I see such wide temp ranges recommended for neo shrimp that, having no experience with them of my own, I can't really recommend anything. If they aren't trying to escape the tank, and the betta isn't eating them, I think they should be ok.

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