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nerdy nerm way to never forget to turn your filter back on after feeding


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A week or two ago I left my filter off all night after feeding my guppies and one was dead in the morning.  I'm guessing low o2 played a role in its demise as it was happy looking the night before.  Vowing to never forget isn't an option for me because i forget everything, so I got one of these wifi plugs from amazon (link below) and wrote a little service on my PC to check on the plug and turn it back on if its been off for more than two minutes.  The wifi plug also has a button on the side so instead of unplugging the filter I just tap the button, feed, and whatever the guppies don't get in 2 min gets pushed down by the filter for the shrimp.


Just thought it was a neat trick for those forgetful nerdy nerms out there.

(EDIT: see post below for aquarium-co-op store link )


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