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Help with new fish from The Coop

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Last Sunday, I bought 3 of the locally bred super red plecos that you guys brought in. They all looked fine until one of them dropped dead on me out of the blue yesterday. The other two are looking fine and haven't had any problems. I performed a water test (120-180GH/20-40kh/7-7.5ph/0 ammonia/<40ppm nitrates) and examined the others for signs of disease or injury and saw nothing. I thought I knew all the main signs to look for but I can't seem to find anything. Every single other fish in the tank is fine, even the days old guppy fry. Is it possible that I simply got a weak fish and the stress of being moved killed it? Please help @Robert

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The temperature is at 78f. They are with guppies, most of which are juveniles or fry, and a couple albino corys. They didn't seem to be eating a lot of the sinking pellets I put in there, but there were veggies as well as plenty of algae. I also only had the pleco for 5 days before it died on me, which wouldn't have been enough time for it to have starved. The other two are now by themselves in an older tank while I try to figure all of this out and seem to be feeding regularly. @Robert

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