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Can anyone help me identify this algae?


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Can anyone please help me identify this brown worm like algae(?) that is growing only in two patches from one piece of wood in one of my planted tanks that has been running for almost 10 years.

It grows back very quickly each time i trim it down. It started growing, roughly a year ago, at the same time the black beard/brush worsened as my population of guppies sky rocketed. I've removed all the guppies and the black beard is receding but this thing keeps growing.

edit. after digging up my microscope it appears to be made up of tiny brown hairs growing out a stem (pics below)



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11 minutes ago, Marko said:

So I dug up my microscope and cut a piece of it off. Seems to be made up of tiny brown hairs growing from a stem... very interested to see what it may be... if anyone knows let me know hahah









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@Marko that is a super fascinating video of the algae's movement. Like something you'd see in the ocean, instead of a freshwater tank. And the slides of it are amazing as well!

Thanks so much for sharing it with us. And congrats on having the weird thing in your tank...lol! This could totally go on the What's That (I) Found Wednesday thread!

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2 hours ago, Marko said:


It appears to be Thorea hispida, quite a rare species.


Wow! Good call there Marko, I learned something new today. Apparently some people aqua scape with the stuff too. Not sure how invasive it is tho. Here is a comparable pic i found. 


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