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Oscar Cichlid Mix


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I have an Oscar, M and F Jack dempsey showing aggression should I rehome, add, keep an eye on it?  The male and oscar are constantly facing off over the last few days. Very minor fin damage is the most I see so far. Tried moving stuff around, have tall stuff for hiding, and feeding a bit more but no difference. I’ve watched all the related videos I can find but I’m frozen in indecision. 


So I inherited a tank a month ago with an Oscar and M,F,F jack dempsey’s. 75 gallon, 78 degrees, now cycled with 5 for nitrates and I added filtration. I lost 1 JD due to sunken head (she was being picked on by large male JD so removed her but no bueno), and the oscar had HITH which is looking much better. Thanks for the videos which have been a huge help!  Pretty sure on the sexing as I have a large male and small female JD as they laid eggs which he ate.

Thank you!

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