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Produce air bubbles for your outdoor ponds while you water the garden!


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With the installation of a rather inexpensive device, you can use the flow of water from your garden hose or water barrel system to produce air bubbles in your outdoor ponds!

The trompe device uses the force of flowing water from your garden hose to pull air from the atmosphere. The air separates from the water via displacement through a pipe which will be can be hosed to the bottom of your outdoor ponds. Run the sprinklers & water your garden & see the bubbles ensue!

It’s like you are watering your aquatic plants with oxygen!

I’ve not tried this myself, but I presume the same device could also be attached to a circulation pump!

I think the water hammering of a hose being turned on & off might cause the air stones to bounce in place...

pretty cool though, huh? I might try to install one this spring


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