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Notropis chrosomus

Fish Folk

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Just in! Love, Love, LOVE these US Native fish: Notropis Chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners)

Hat tips (1) to Cory, who, when he said on a stream I was listening to that he'd love to play with these beautiful fish someday, I confess to . . . immediately jumping out of the shower, dripping wet, and looking this species up on the phone 😅 (2) Fellow PVAS Club member, Bob Bock (Sonny's Fish Room) who gave an inspiring talk recently for our monthly Zoom club meetings on keeping cold water native minnows 🐟 and (3) The man, the myth, the legend over at White Cloud Dynasty who is an inspiring backyard tub breeder, and who, quite possibly, is going to someday entirely change how everyone thinks about the quality of White Cloud minnows . . . and anything else he decides to breed! 🐠



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