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Trying some LED red/blue grow lights

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I bought the LED grow lights for my outdoor garden seedlings. The lights came yesterday but my first seeds wont be here until Monday (or so.) I typically start my seeds under T-8 6500 K fluorescent bulbs, but I had an empty shelf on my plant starting stand and I found four of the LED red/blue grow lights with really good reviews at a pretty good price. Since I have the lights and lots of aquatic plants also, I've put a small dish under the lights and one of each of my common floaters in  it to see how they do. The lights are horrible for fish watching, or plant watching for that matter, but we'll see how the floaters (red root floater, salvinia minima, dwarf water lettuce, and frogbit) do under it. It might help them grow faster than they already do. I definitely wouldn't recommend the lights for viewing plants/fish, but it could be a good way to multiply your plant stock. 

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I figured it's worth a shot. I'll be starting a couple of flats of geranium seeds there once the seeds come, but there's still room for a little container of water to see how those plants respond. I've never seen or heard of anyone using those lights for aquatic plants, and they're brutal to look at, but  it could be a good way to farm some of the aquarium plants if they respond well to those lights. I'll only be using them for about four months for my garden plants then they'll be shut down or used for something else.  The something else could be to farm some aquarium plants.

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