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Fin Rot or Nipping?

Irene VdDool

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I was doing my water change this week and saw they my female veiltail Betta Rosie had sections missing out of her dorsal fin and anal fin. She was fine until I added my Ballon Belly Molly Munai because she was constantly after Gizmo my other female Balloon Belly Molly. The were in my 6 gallon tank for a month. I have had Bettas with fin Rot before her fins don’t have white or black plumes in them, but she looks like a crown tail now not a veiltail. 



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Spelling error and lack of photo evidence
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I'm not sure if its fin rot. Did you say the molly were chasing her? It looks like she is a crown tail, there doesn't seem to be any discoloration near the tip of the fins. salt won't hurt. If you have a rubbermaid or like a food container you can float the container in the aquarium with water in it along with the betta in it. This way you will only have to treat within the container and you dont have to dig up your plants. By floating it in the aquarium it is making the tempeture the same temp as your aquarium. This is not a ideal forever setup but it will be fine for a few days or a week at most.

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